International Clothing Size Conversion Chart

Because of the many differences among sizing systems and the differences between manufacturers, you should never buy clothes based solely on any size on a label so please use this chart as a guide only. Sizing can vary between different brands as well as different products within a brand, especially with plus sizes. Brands like City Chic use their own size system which is closer to USA sizes so a 14 in their clothing will be closer to an 18 in standard Australian sizes.

You should measure yourself and check these measurements against the manufacturers recommended measurements which are shown in centimeters and inches for each product. When buying 50s rockabilly dresses and skirts with swing or circle skirts, you should refer to the waist measurement only as the skirt will sit quite loosely over the hips.

All of our products are listed in Australian sizes so please follow the chart to find the corresponding size for your country.


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